About us

Siraj-Al-Liel is an internationally based company with ten offices worldwide.

The company has a diverse portfolio of interests ranging from construction, hospitality, mining, energy and petroleum. We have also active investments in agriculture and manufacturing in these countries.

Siraj-Al-Liel joined hands with Al–Isra LLC and operates in partnership to form a formidable organization with Mr. Shaffique Allibhai as the President. The Africa/Middle East operations are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and South East Asia operations are based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Siraj-Al-Liel has also offices in Canada, a representation in Europe with a liaison office in London, and recently opened in Latin America.

Primarily, concentrated its efforts in real estate, and with our wealth of experience and knowledge, we have grown initially within the region and now globally. Siraj-Al-Liel has diversified their operations and grown from strength to strength to become a global player with a unique range of products and services unlike any other.

The vision for Siraj-Al-Liel is to offer seamless operations within the categories listed, where operations in one part of the world can be mutually beneficial to the recipient on the other.

Having an expert diverse portfolio and global research makes Siraj-Al-Liel a company who can offer strategic planning, inception and finalization on a cross section of investment criteria especially throughout Africa and South East Asia, where we have active investments.

Siraj-Al-Liel is working with globally recognized names, in their specialized range of services, drawing strength from partnerships with these international companies, and at the same time giving their wealth of experience in their area of expertise.

Siraj-Al-Liel has active investments in excess of $2 billion, and they intend to expand their portfolio within the next five years to cover Latin America and the Far East.