Siraj-Al-Liel is involved with major companies on the development of biotechnology, and has been actively pursuing high-level biotechnology companies that have advanced knowledge on the latest biotechnology research and development.

Siraj-Al-Liel has recently acquired sole rights for the representation and distribution of an advanced microbial engineered technology, which will revolutionize environmental waste management, present newer advanced benefits and provide eco-friendly solutions, and will showcase a highly-refined proprietary fermentation enzyme technology for neutralizing and breaking down solid and waste matter naturally.

The impact of these new technology engineered enzymes is yet to be felt globally. A vast number of success stories in the more developed countries show evidence in the area of environmental treatments using technology-based enzymes as the best practical, highly effective and cost beneficial treatment for environmental degradation caused by the effects of pollution and waste disposal.

All over the world, these new technologies has changed forever the old inefficient ways of dealing with environmental damage caused by pollution, and have developed a new science that anticipates, senses and detects pollution and treats the problem and remedies the damage naturally.

Siraj-Al-Liel intends to introduce these new technologies that could potentially create a revolutionary change in the way both government and private sector dispose and treat their waste, both solid and liquid. It intends to work with stakeholders in the government concerned with pollution and waste management, and work with them on these technologies for the benefit of the world and its environment.