Our microbial plus enzymatic solution is designed perfectly for sewage treatment plants. Having dynamic environment, where sewage characteristics change frequently due to the use of many household chemicals, ordinary microbes cannot handle constantly changing pollutants entering sewage treatment plants since the adaptation time available is extremely short. Our solution is formulated to handle these variations and perform under every scenario. It comprises of different bacteria and enzymes that work together and degrade different compounds. These organisms acting as a composite system are highly effective in reducing carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand (CBOD) and nitrogenous biochemical oxygen demand (NBOD) effectively along with chemical oxygen demand (COD).


1. Reduction in total suspended solids, FOG and CBOD/NBOD/COD;
2. Reduction or elimination of odor;
3. Reduction in operating energy and maintenance costs, and extended plant life;
4. Reduction in frequency of pumping;
5. Improvement in water quality and clarity; and
6. 100% user and environmentally safe.