We are currently involved in four major projects, and intend to offer a unique world class leisure development unlike no other. Siraj-Al-Liel, through their hospitality arm, Enchanting Escapes, are developing the following:

  1. Buhanga Rainforest, Rwanda - This is a rainforest eco lodge, situated in Parc des Volcanoes, a $15 million investment, which will offer an experience like no other. Situated in the Buhanga rainforest and few kilometers from the base of the Virunga mountain range in Rwanda. This most unique lodge will cater for the most discerning clientele and will offer an incredible rainforest experience and Gorilla safari.
  2. Kizingo Bay, Lamu, Kenya - Set on the island of Lamu-Kenya, we are developing a resort of twenty units of ultra luxury, facing the open sea on Kizingo Bay. This resort will be built with the highest standards and will cater for those who want to experience raw nature with all the luxury.
  3. Enchanting Mara, Maasai Mara, Kenya - We are developing a five-star eco lodge in the Maasai Mara, Kenya. Set on the Mara River amongst the Big Five Game, we are developing an incredible luxury tented camp with services that will rival the most prestigious camps worldwide. This setting is absolutely stunning and will offer a stay like no other.
  4. Lake Phuh Ninh, Vietnam - A multi-million dollar investment comprising of JV partnerships with one of the most prestigious brands offering luxury hotels, real estate and commercial development.
  5. Obsidian Ranch, Naivasha, Kenya.

The four developments, Buhanga, Lamu, Mara and Vietnam, are all within the world heritage sites, and we shall combine our efforts to offer conservation of the threatened wildlife within these areas as part of our corporate responsibility.