Lake Phu Ninh

Lake Phu Ninh "A Spiritual Sanctuary Project"

This project is set to be developed in a rich nature that will not only make you aware of the beauty of the world around you, with lush forests and serene natural beauty, the Asian way of regaining strength of body and mind, a thousand year old south east Asian secret healings, but will also teach you how to live with Mother Nature and respect the rights of the wildlife.

The areas which are known for its immense natural beauty and spectacular scenery will be an ideal destination for honeymooners, who want to uncover exotic, new, healthy ways to celebrate, relax and have fun while preserving the planet and giving back.

This project promotes eco-tourism, health and soft sport tourism, and agro-tourism and nature tour, and some of the adventures to be introduced are trekking, biking, mountaineering, water rafting or cliff climbing, indoor and outdoor games, bird watching, wild flowers and botanical islands.

And with a community center, spiritual sanctuary, wellness center, food garden and seminar resort, art and culture villages, and nature and wildlife sanctuary unlike any other.