Rotorvox is known for its high-quality gyrocopters. Rotorvox gyrocopters are characterized for their best possible safety, comfort and design features, and which became possible by ingeniously using technology from the automotive sector.

Rotorvox gyrocopters are manufactured the way German luxury cars are made, beloved for their performance, admired for their technological innovation, and envied for their design. And unlike any other aircraft, Rotorvox gyrocopters provide an exceptionally holistic combination of all these elements of flight, elegance, freedom, thrill, concentration, mastery and ease.

Rotorvox introduces the first of a new generation of gyrocopters, Rotorvox C2A, which was developed through the symbiosis of aviation and motorsports, and distinguished by its powerful dynamics, sophisticated technological details, clear-cut and sleek design, and customizable according to individual requirements.

Through collaborations and support by top level accomplices in the aircraft and automotive industry, its goals are realized. Siraj-Al-Liel is willing to enter into joint venture proposals and investment partnerships in UAE, GCC and other countries globally.