Fromin Water, produced by Aqua Extra s.r.o., is not simply a bottled water, but a natural water that is not chemically or physically treated in any way. Its source has been around for 15,000 years. Thus, this water is exceptionally suitable for everybody who wants to protect their health by natural water from prehistory, unaffected by civilization’s influence.

Due to its low natural mineralization, Fromin water does not create any deposits and does not damage the kidneys, liver, lungs, heart and other organs. And due to its natural composition, and other physical and chemical values, it is very close to the ideal water inside the human body. Because it is absorbed immediately after drinking, it waters the cells and prevents dehydration.

Fromin water is also a highly effective beauty product working in the right direction from the inside to the outside. It detoxifies by diluting bodily liquids and dissolving waste substances that are subsequently discharged from the body and it reduces weight. It prevents the creation of “dry” deposits in all parts of the human body. It rejuvenates the skin by hydrating the cells, and prevents wrinkles.

When two or more liters are drunk continuously in small doses, it reduces pain, in general, and it eliminates headaches quickly, prevents asthma, regulates cholesterol levels and eliminates fatigue, weariness and poor concentration. Fromin water permanently ensures the correct function of all human organs.

Siraj-Al-Liel would like to present this opportunity in UAE, GCC and globally, and invites joint venture proposals and investment partnerships.