Desalination without energy costs is now at our fingertips with PAO-Solstick/Desert Greener technology by 4Elements Invent Ltd.

Water shortage is a global issue that we need to prevent. Our water resources are shrinking due to population growth and consumption. This calls for the development of new water resources, and since only the sea can supply our much needed water, the only solution is seawater desalination. However, because of high energy costs of present seawater desalination technologies, new technologies without energy costs are required. And for countries with water deficiency, the only reasonable free energy source is the sun. Hence, this solar water treatment.

The “PAO Solstick”, also “Desert Greener,” is a mobile autonomous locally deployable seawater desalination unit, working without connection with electricity supply, and therefore, without any energy expenses. This opens new and innovative chances for a cheap and high energy efficient desalination or decontamination of water.

And unlike conventional desalination, this desalination based on renewable energy offers limited initial investment, minimal operative cost, high environmental protection, no dependency on fossil energy, very limited environmental cost and low maintenance.

With this significant breakthrough in desalination, Siraj-Al-Liel wishes to engage high-level business entrepreneurs not only within UAE, but the GCC and other countries as well.M.