We are a distributor of human or artificial hair pieces such as extensions and wigs. We have adopted advanced methods to change the hair drastically without looking unrealistic. These include clip-in or clip on extensions, bonding and sealing extensions, fusion, infusion extensions, micro rings or micro loops, netting, lace fronts and tracking.

One of the most commonly used methods is tracking, because it is quite fast and lasts considerably longer than the other techniques. It involves braiding of one`s natural hair and sewing of the extensions onto the braids.

Fusion delivers one of the most versatile and natural-looking weaves. Done by using a machine similar to a hot glue gun to attach the extensions to individual strands of one`s natural hair, or by using hair which is pre-tipped with a keratin adhesive and a heat clamp is then used to melt the adhesive to attach the extensions to the natural hair. But because of the glue and the heat, this is more damaging to the hair than the other methods.

Clip-in or clip on is the least permanent and can be very effective without the disadvantages like the other methods. The extension has small toupee clip sewn onto it, which is placed on a sectioned hair with the clip facing the scalp. Each clip is snapped into place and repeated until each clip-in is in place. They can be worn all day and all night; however, we advise that they must be removed before sleeping.

Infusion is known for providing safety to the natural hair since this technique does not use heat or any other appliances to be attached to the natural hair other than a keratin-based adhesive, and it is only a reusable hair extension technique.

Micro rings or micro loop hair extensions have metal rings, small enough so that they are not visible in normal use, lined with silicone with the hair extension attached. Fixed to small sections of the natural hair and tightened using a special tool that clamps the loop around the natural hair.

And the most recent development in extensions are lace fronts. Made from a nylon mesh material formed into a cap that is then hand-ventilated by knotting single strands of hair into the tiny openings of the cap, giving the hair a more natural and authentic continuity than typical extensions. Can be woven in or attached to a person`s hairline with special adhesives.

Color, texture and quality

We classify hairs by color. Generally, the lower the number on the package the darker the color. One usually denotes darkest black. The highest number is the lightest color, which is white or a very light colored blond.

Hair textures vary from straight to wavy, or curly. Some examples of these textures include:

Silky straight - Straight and smooth, East Asian like hair.
Yaki - Straight, relaxed Afro-Caribbean like hair.
Deep wave - Spiral curl like hair.
Loose deep wave - Looser version of the deep wave, softer and more romantic curls.
Jheri curl - Usually in very short lengths and often used to recreate the full fro look.
Wavy - Soft and natural-looking curls.

And hairs may either be virgin, remy or non-remy, single drawn or double drawn.

Virgin hair has not undergone any type of chemical processing for color, waves and curls, leaving it in its natural state.

Remy hair, also known as cuticle hair, is collected from a single donor. We gathered the hairs into a pony tail, tied off and then cut, keeping all of the hair cuticles running in the same direction, which makes it remy. We then gently processed it for color, waves and curls.

Non-remy hair, also referred to as fallen hair, is collected from multiple sources. We collected it in piles, the hair cuticles are not kept running in the same direction. We put it through a process called an acid bath to remove the cuticles or cuticle layers of the hair. Once done, we dipped it into a silicone coating to give it a smooth, shiny, and healthy feel and appearance. This type of hair does not last nearly as long as remy hair.

Single drawn is of a slightly lower quality than double-drawn hair. The hairs will have up to a two-inch difference in the tips, that is, some hairs will be up to two-inch shorter than their original lengths.

Double drawn indicates that the collected hairs of a certain length has all of the shorter hairs in the bundle manually removed twice; hence, the "double" drawn. Hair extensions that are double drawn will have as many hair strands at one end as the other and appear much thicker and not wispy at the ends.

Hair Extensions’ Ethnicity

When choosing hair pieces, take into consideration the possessor`s hair ethnicity, which will influence the type of hair that should be added to the natural tresses.

Brazilian hair is usually long and full and its texture is both healthy and strong. Divided into three grades: the first grade has Anglo or European descent and is characterized by fine, silky, straight hair; second grade stands for thicker, wavier hair whose color palette ranges from dark brown to light copper; and third grade comes from Afro-Caribbean roots and has a rough, curly texture. The latter`s color goes from light brown to black.

Indian hair is more often than not used for those who wish to have long, thick, sleek and straight hair. Can be easily straightened and usually comes in dark colors.

Chinese hair is the most accessible type of hair and preferred by those who wish to have a straight, silky, smooth way. Can be found only in very dark colors, usually black.

Peruvian hair is even thicker than the Brazilian texture and due to little donations, it is also the most expensive type of hair. The variety ranges from naturally straight, wavy or curly, and its color palette goes from dark or light brown to shades of blonde. A blend between Brazilian strength and European smoothness.

Malaysian hair is very silky and shiny, thinner than the Chinese hair.

Other Products

A truly beautiful hair requires a deeper approach. We go deeper to transform your hair so it acts as beautifully as it looks by delivering you innovative styling tools, fashionable hair accessories and hair care products, and making you look and feel good about your hair without compromising style, quality, value or comfort.