Siraj-Al-Liel has a wide and formidable presence across the African continent and the globe on many infrastructure projects, be it transport, energy, water, civil and structural of purpose built. We handle major civil, mechanical and engineering works, and can handle many turnkey projects for plants and machineries.

We have the ability to source and negotiate lucrative PPP projects across a wide spectrum of different types of infrastructure projects.

Being in the forefront of negotiations with many governments, we have the unique ability to guarantee project selection and can choose many projects that are sought by governments for funding and for private partnerships or B.O.T. basis.

Siraj-Al-Liel has a unique model that incorporates major players, who have the experience and know-how globally, to join hands in Africa where each entity comes together to showcase their strengths.

Equity participation and joint venture partnerships have been a major focus for us, and our portfolio across Africa can be disclosed upon request. Our more recent ventures have seen joint initiatives now within the M.E.N.A region.

Once the projects have been vetted by Siraj-Al-Liel, they will determine the equity, capitalization and ROI before they approach multinational companies for tie up towards a mutual cost/profit arrangement.

We have vast experience in international trading and relationships, giving us the unique edge in sourcing, negotiating and conceptualizing these projects even before they are offered to other investors. Our dedicated team have the necessary experience and financial know-how to tailor make individual needs as well as offer the best solution for every sector of each operation.

Our record and success is proof of our achievement and we pride ourselves as a very unique operator in this field, and can take on major projects which require immense financial resources.

We look ahead and invite like-minded organizations to join us in this incredible opportunity.