Zimbabwe is rich in mineral resources and with further potential for deep explorations and discoveries. Its land, about 60% of which, is said to hold ancient rocks renowned worldwide for hosting rich varieties of minerals including gold, base metals and industrial minerals.

Its mining sector is expected to continue growing. It contributes for about 5% of country`s GDP, about 4% of employment, and about a third of the total foreign exchange earnings. This sector has vast investment opportunities from exploration, mining, production, value addition and marketing, and downstream industries.

Its mining industry growth from medium to long term, however, depends on investments on current and new projects as well as on key infrastructures fundamental to sustainable development of mining.

Zimbabwe offers competent returns on investments for those who are willing to explore its mineral wealth. Its central location within the SADC and COMESA regions is strategic for any investor looking for a larger market, and with highly-skilled and competent workforce, Zimbabwe has grown and is ready for investments. Domestic and foreign investors are encouraged to take advantage of the country’s investment opportunities especially on mining. Joint venture partnerships between local and foreign investors are strongly encouraged, because of the synergies to be derived from such partnerships.

Gold Mining

Zimbabwe is a gold country. Its Archaean terrain is the most productive of its kind in the world when it comes to gold yield per square kilometer.

There are still many areas that have not been scientifically investigated although the country has a long mining history. Moreover, techniques on modern exploration, which brought in compelling findings, are still to find their way in Zimbabwe. This, however, poses for exciting opportunities for those who are willing to take the calculated risks and invest in gold exploration.

To aid gold exploration as well as other minerals, a vast archive of geo-scientific information in various themes are made available and can be accessed by investors interested in mining. Information is in the form of bulletins, maps, short reports, reports by companies on exploration work, reports by mining companies and thesis on work done in Zimbabwe.