Having successfully opened eleven fully functioned branches globally, gives us an incredible footprint. Through our Middle East operations, we transact on many levels, be it trade, construction, B2B, oil and gas exploration, and now even biotechnology.

Siraj-Al-Liel has an incredible portfolio of projects that will be listed on this site in the coming weeks. The projects are very diverse and span across many continents. Our core values and success are our ability to bring in investors from one continent and join hands with one another using our knowledge and experience on the ground. We pride ourselves above all on our ability to deliver accurate and honest information with all the integrity of the projects vetted prior to tie ups. Our international legal team are open to all due diligence of all the materials we send, and we too, are very open to source information once an NCNDA contract has been signed protecting both parties.

We have recently opened a new branch in Latin America that will see us strengthen our ties offering yet another achievement in our global footprint.

As we grow further afield, we bring our investments closer to you, this is our strength and success.