Strategic Alliances

Siraj-Al-Liel works in liaison with high level companies and organizations who have a proven strength and track record for their product range.

These companies form a strategic block of operators, who, through syndication, offer complete solutions on most business ventures globally.

Our strategic alliances form a formidable group of like-minded corporations, who pull their resources for a single objective. The result of this alliance is so great that the enormity of most high level, high finance projects are not felt. Through these cooperation amongst well places organizations, having proven strengths and impeccable records, Siraj-Al-Liel intends to take on many high level projects ranging from $200 million upwards.

Our focus remains on the developing world, and this combination of syndicated partners is a winning success.

Do let us know if you would like to participate in our alliance and share your strengths towards a common objective/project.